MetroAir announces closure of Crew Bases.

Kansas City, MO – Earlier today Kansas City based MetroAir Virtual Airlines announced that it was closing two crew bases located in Jacksonville, Florida and Chicago, Illinois.

The crew bases were acquired by MetroAir in it’s purchase of Cirrus Air mid last year and have continued to operate supporting former Cirrus operations since that time. Employee’s based at these facilities have been relocated to other positions in MetroAir’s network. The base closure marks the final phase of the integration of Cirrus Air flights and other assets into MetroAir. The process has been on going for several months and had been delayed several times as MetroAir executives worked with employee’s and the affected cities to ensure that the transition was as smooth as possible.

Cirrus Air’s final flight is scheduled to occur on March 3rd of this year. Beginning March 4th all flights will be conducted under the MetroAir Branding though the flights have been sold as MetroAir since the beginning of the year.