MetroAir Announces "Spread the Green" Advertising Campaign!

Kansas City, MO March 19 2011- MetroAir’s Department of Media and Marketing today announced a new advertising push for the airline. The new campaign, called “Spread the Green”, is intended to promote the airline by highlighting the experiences of it’s members and providing them incentives to share the rest of the flight simulation community. The first phase of the campaign is new MetroMiles incentive program. Pilots who participate in the program can earn up to 40 MetroMiles per month.

Pilots may find themselves asking. How do I earn these miles? Simple, Go bid on a flight and fly it. While flying take screenshots along the way. Then post those screenshots somewhere that will increase MetroAir’s exposure in the community. Once you have posted your screenshots send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Screenshot Submission”. In the email include a link too the thread you started with your screenshots. Once the link is verified you will receive 10 MetroMiles. There are however some terms and conditions.

In order to be good community citizens, the threads and screenshots must conform to the following rules.

* NOTICE : The requirements for eligible submissions were updated on Mar 30, 2011 at 9:30PM CST **

  • Screenshots must be of reasonable quality.
  • Screenshots must prominently feature the MetroAir Brand.
  • Screenshots can be edited but should not be overly so. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.
  • Miles are awarded by the thread posting. Posting more or less screenshots will not affect the total miles awarded.
  • One submission, per pilot, per week.
  • Threads started by MetroAir pilots MUST conform to the standards and rules of the boards to which they are posted.
  • The staff requests that pilots do not spam community forums with threads featuring MetroAir, if another pilot has already started a thread kindly wait some time before starting your own or post on another board.
  • Only start screenshot threads in boards that are appropriate for that topic.
  • Images may only be submitted for credit once.  You may not reuse images from prior submissions from week to week.  New content only.

As part of this campaign MetroAir will also be featuring a Screenshot Competition in the month of April. During this month screenshots submitted on external boards may also be posted to the Screenshot Competition board in the MetroAir Forums. Each pilot may submit one screenshot. Simply post your entry with a link to the external forum it appeared on to be eligible. Submissions will be voted on by MetroAir pilots during the final week of April and the winner will be awarded the MetroAir Outstanding Photography badge.

So go out and Spread the Green!