A New Type of Hub Competition: Hub Spokes

Hub Competitions are always great fun. Every month that we hold a hub competition, we see increased numbers of pilots flying and a good-natured camaraderie amongst hub pilots rooting for their hub. We wanted to do the same thing in the off months but with a different focus. We wanted each hub to shine in it’s own way. I have tasked hub managers to develop programs to highlight and bring a spotlight to their hub for the months we don’t have hub competitions. The hub managers have almost free reign and can use these off months to do a number of things: make their pilots shine, put some rewards into flying, make it fun by introducing games, try to improve weak areas that face the pilots of their hubs, and more. This other type of “hub competition” will be called Hub Spokes.

To make it easy, odd months (January, March, May, July, September, November) will be airline wide hub competitions. Each hub will try to beat out the others as we have done in the past. The criteria for accumulating points will change each time to switch things up, make it more challenging and give opportunities to the other hubs who haven’t had a chance in the past.

The even months (February, April, June, August, October, December) will be Hub Spokes months. A few days prior to the start of the new month, a post will be made to show what the Hub Managers have planned for the following month.

Read on to see what you will be doing in your hub for April’s Hub Spoke!

Washington Hub Pilots

For April, Washington pilots will be focused on completing a flight tour. Your Hub Manager, Tim Moskal, has developed a detailed tour that includes every CAT rating and almost all of the different aircraft in the fleet. Visit new destinations and revisit some of your favorite places; Tim has you covered.

  1. Flight 614 KIAD-KMCO- Visit Mickey Mouse, Shamu, and Harry Potter on spring break in the sunshine state! (A321)
    1. Flight 615: KMCO-KIAD- Return flight (A321)
    2. Flight 702: KIAD-KFLL- Fly down to Fort Lauderdale and then hop over to Miami and South Beach for Spring Break on the beach! (A321)
    3. Flight 704: KFLL-KIAD- Return flight (A321)
    4. Flight 622: KIAD-KMSY- Check out New Orleans famous Jazz festival and the events leading up to it! (A319)
    5. Flight 623: KMSY-KIAD- Return flight (A319)
    6. Flight 611: KIAD-KBOS- Watch as the first pitches of a new season are thrown at historic Fenway
      Park! (A319)
    7. Flight 610: KBOS-KIAD- Return flight (A319)
    8. Flight 5002: KIAD-CYQB- There is still plenty of skiing left up north! Head north to Quebec to find powder! (Q400)
    9. Flight 5003: CYQB-KIAD- Return flight (Q400)
    10. Flight 1832: KIAD-KDTW- Go back to Metro’s roots with a hop over to our original home, the motor city! (Q400)
    11. Flight 1833: KDTW-KIAD- Return flight (Q400)
    12. Flight 1927: KIAD-KAUS- SPAMARAMA! Yes that’s right an entire event based on canned meat!
    13. Flight 1926: KAUS-KIAD- Return flight (A320)
    14. Flight 713: KIAD-CYYZ- Enjoy the end of the hockey season with a Maple Leafs game at the Air
      Canada Center! (A320)
    15. Flight 712: CYYZ-KIAD- Return flight (A320)
    16. Flight 50: KIAD-EGKK- Journey to London to be in attendance for the royal wedding and be a
      part of history! (A330)
    17. Flight 51: EGKK-KIAD-Return flight (A330)
    18. Flight 60: KIAD-LFPG- Spring is in full bloom throughout France with the gardens of Versailles
      looking especially brilliant! (A330)
    19. Flight 61: LFPG-KIAD-Return flight (A330)

The rewards
Any Washington based pilot who flies,

  • 5 of the flights on the list above, will receive 25 MetroMiles.
  • 10 of the flights on the list above, will receive 50 MetroMiles.
  • 15 of the flights on the list above, will receive 75 MetroMiles.
  • All 20 of the flights on the list above, will receive 100 MetroMiles.

The rules

  • All flights must be flown using ACARS.
  • The words “Hub Spokes” must be in the pilot notes/comments section of the PIREP. Remember to enter that before submitting your PiRep on ACARS!
  • Pilots cannot fly the same flight twice for credit.

Ontario Hub Pilots

April’s Hub Spokes’ competition for Ontario will be “All About the Greaser”. Pilots using the new ACARS 1.1 will have the opportunity to earn extra MetroMiles for a “greased landing”.

The rewards
If you land with:

  • less than -100fpm, you will earn 10 MetroMiles
  • less than -50fpm, you will earn 25 MetroMiles
  • less than -25fpm you will earn 50 MetroMiles

The rules

  • Pilots must use ACARS v1.1 to qualify for MetroMile bonuses.

Kansas City Hub Pilots

For April, Kansas City pilots will be playing a game, where the more you fly, the better your chances of winning the grand prize!

For each approved flight a pilot flies they will be assigned a number. The flight must be flown on ACARS to receive a number. The pilot can find the assigned number in the comments section of his/her approved pirep.

On May 1st a random number will be selected (via Random.org) and a screen shot will also be posted announcing the winner.

Remember, the more flights you fly, the more numbers that are assigned to you for a better chance at winning.

The rewards

  • Grand Prize: The randomly selected winner will receive 100 MetroMiles, AND they will be able to choose the competition for the next Kansas City Hub Spokes. Final approval of the idea will be made by management. The hub spoke concept must be fair for all pilots in the hub. i.e. No restricting aircrafts, etc. The winner will have to notify Sean within 2 weeks of winning the competition for Kansas City of their idea for the June Hub Spoke.
  • The pilot who flies the most number of VATSIM hours in the month of April will earn 50 MetroMiles.
  • The pilot who has the best landing vspeed (greased landing) in the month of April will earn 50 MetroMiles.
  • The pilot who has submitted the most number of PiReps in the month of April will earn 25 MetroMiles.
  • The pilot who has completed the most number of flight hours (at 1x simulation rate) in the month of April will earn 25 MetroMiles.
  • All Pilots flying 15 or more flights will earn 25 MetroMiles.
  • All Pilots flying 10-14 will earn 20 MetroMiles.
  • All Pilots flying 5-9 will earn 15 MetroMiles.

The rules

  • Qualifying flights must be flown on ACARS to receive a number or to be eligible for other rewards in April’s Hub Spoke.