MetroAir releases additional information on Boeing Deal.

Kansas City, Mo [April 4th, 2011] – After a weekend of rampant speculation a spokesperson for Kansas City based MetroAir Virtual released a short statement regarding rumors surrounding the airline made on an April 1’st announcement.

“While some in the media have insinuated that we have been playing an April Fools Joke on some people. I guess that’s our own fault as we have been known for such things in the past. First of all we want to state for the record that the announcement relating to our purchase of the 777’s are in fact true though we still are not in a position to release more details other than that. Further details on the acquisition of the 777’s will be forthcoming in weeks ahead as deals are in the negotiation process at this time. The reason we are going with a Boeing product is because the nearest equivalent from Airbus, the A340, is not as efficient nor is it in heavy production and we were unable to secure a guarantee from EADS that Airbus is continuing to produce these models in the near future. In this instance it made more business sense to go with the 777 despite the costs of again operating a mixed fleet.

Finally, we are sorry to disappoint our customers who got excited about the possibility of MetroAir servicing LAX. The anonymous blogger who tried to incite some additional speculation on April Fools Day did a poor job “photoshopping” an image of a Mexicana ticket counter at LAX. MetroAir is committed to continuing to service and expand at the facilities of Ontario International Airport and expect to stay there for a long time. Ontario has afforded MetroAir some of the best on-time schedules amongst airlines servicing the Los Angeles area due to short delays and reduced traffic at Ontario.”

MetroAir is expected to release additional details in upcoming months.