Changes to ACARS PiRep Policies and Rewards

Effective June 1st, PiReps submitted without the aid of ACARS for the flight will no longer earn MetroMiles. Please note that partial ACARS PiReps will still earn MetroMiles. MetroAir ACARS has been available for over 3 years now, but we still have a few pilots submitting manual PiReps. While a little over 90% of our PiReps come from ACARS, we’d like to push that forward.

We do understand that there are some considerations for people to not use ACARS sometimes, such as internet connection availability or issues getting ACARS configured; We have no intention of banning non-ACARS PiReps at this time for those very reasons. Anyone who is having issues in configuring ACARS should ask for help in the ACARS board of the Forums.

Miles before June 1stMiles on and after June 1stCategoryDescription
10PiRepMiles awarded when PiRep approved.Note: Reward flights do not accrue PiRep miles.
12ACARS FlightFor each PiRep approved in which you used MetroAir ACARS.
22Vatsim FlightIf you fly on Vatsim, an extra 2 miles are awarded per PiRep approved.
For any questions about this new policy, please contact a MetroAir staff member.