Staff Expansion & Departmental Updates

This past Sunday staff gathered for our monthly general staff meeting. I started to realize just how big the staff has grown; I started to forget people’s names and leaving them off entirely when it was time to invite them to the agenda. A lot of this is in part to some staff vacancies being filled. It’s all a little overwhelming, especially when looking at the organizational chart.

Alex Norgaard joined the Operations team to revive the position of the Director of Aircraft Operations. If you have been watching ferry flights, you’ll know that he has been busy. This is just the start for him. We can look forward to beginning to see some maintenance ferry flights in the very near future.

Tony Cannon has taken the position of Director of Mentorship. For the first time, this position is now officially a staff position. Tony has been hard at work redesigning the program recently and is in making final preparations for the launch of the new program.

Last, but not least, Sara Mullineaux is our new Director of Media & Marketing. Yes, the name is familiar; Sara is our first pilot to receive the “Girls Fly Too” badge and is married to Sean, the hub manager of our best Kansas City hub.

As promised, I have some more teasers and updates that are a result of the aforementioned meeting.

From the office of the Chief Personnel Officer:

  • Hub Spokes for August have been planned. More news on this will be issued in the coming weeks before August 1st. Let’s just say I hope you’re feeling that sense of Hub Pride and have been working towards improving your landing rates and avoiding alerts.
  • Hub Managers are spending more time reviewing PiReps. Cross your i’s and dot your t’s. Make sure you are reading any hub manager notes that they put in your pirep approval email. Even if it’s approved, they may put in some tips or warnings to watch out for. Warnings in pirep approvals are usually the first and possibly the only step before pireps are denied.
  • The instructors are hard at work preparing some documentation on topics like reading charts and communicating with ATC. They are also in the midst of planning a course revolved around the basics of VATSIM.

From the office of the Chief Operating Officer:

  • Delivery flights of the E170 are continuing each week
  • Expect a surge in some ad-hoc charter flights.
  • Remember you can make your own charter flight. You can submit a formal charter request for a mere 75 MetroMiles. You even get a fancy charter confirmation ticket from our Operations Department.
  • VATSIM Event Charters (Ooooh. Ahhhh. More details to come soon!)

From the office of the Chief Executive Officer:

  • A mobile website is in the initial design stages.
  • The Wilco E170 is temporarily on hold. Our painter has been busy but it’s the primary focus for when he returns which should be soon.