New changes to the Mentorship Program

Effective August 1st, we have updated the Mentor Program with a few changes, in hopes of making it easier for new pilots to settle into our airline as quick and smoothly as possible.

The Mentor program is now mandatory for new pilots. Pilots who are re-hired and have already completed the program will not have to complete it again.

Each new pilot will still be assigned a mentor, to help answer any questions and assist them in getting familiar with the website and the tools we use here at MetroAir. All pilots going through the Mentor program will be required to sit the Check ride through to complete the program.

There are quite a few incentives as well for completing the program. Any pilot that completes the program within 14 days of joining MetroAir will receive the following bonuses:

  • 200 MetroMiles
  • Mentorship Badge added to your profile
  • 5 hours added onto your total hours, to help you reach the rank of Second Officer or up to 40% of any hours you have requested to be transferred from one previous airline

Any pilot that completes the program between 15-30 days will receive only 100 MetroMiles, along with the badge, and hours as stated above.

Any pilot that completes the program after the 30 mark, will not be entitled to any of the above bonuses.

This is a great program to show you around the MetroAir website and get you familiar with all the tools needed to get you started in your career here at MetroAir!

See you in the skys!