September Hub Competition

September’s Hub Competition will focus on distance. The longer the flight distance between the departure and arrival airport, the more points you can earn for your hub!
Each pirep submitted using ACARS v1.1 at 1x sim rate will earn your hub 1 base point. The entire flight must be flown on ACARS from start to finish. In addition to the base point, you will earn a bonus for distance flown. The bonus can range anywhere from 0 extra points for a short flight (e.g. ONT-OXR) or up to 15 extra points for a long flight (e.g. ONT-EZE).
Both the base point and distance bonus will then be multiplied by the hub differential for the day. Finally, you will also be awarded 1 additional point for flying your flight on Vatsim.

In addition to this months hub competition, we wanted to spice it up a little more! We are adding a individual contest based on the hub competition. There will be 3 raffles offered, with each one costing 5 MetroMiles to participate in. Pilots can choose which raffles they want to participate in, just one or all. That is up to you. The top 3 winners of each raffle will earn MetroMile prizes in the following amounts:
- 1st Place:   40% of MetroMiles collected

- 2nd Place:  30% of MetroMiles collected

- 3rd Place:  20% of MetroMiles collected

The remaining 10% for each raffle will be distributed by the Hub Manager of the respective hub as he sees fit.
Raffle 1: How many Hub Points will IAD earn in September?
Raffle 2: How many Hub Points will ONT earn in September?
Raffle 3: How many Hub Points will MCI earn in September?
All raffle entries must be received before September 1st at 00:00 Zulu. To submit a raffle entry, go to

Get in the skies, and support your hub!