Join us November 12th for the IAD2BWI Event!

Washington DullesBaltimore Washington

Join us on Saturday November 12th at 8pm EST on Teamspeak and Vatsim for a special farewell event to mark the end of Washington Dulles’s 4 year service as a MetroAir Hub and to welcome Baltimore as our new East Coast home. The event will allow for a fly-out of IAD or a fly-in to BWI. If you’re feeling adventurous, do both!

If you do plan on doing both the fly-out and the fly-in, here are some suggested routes to allow you to complete all legs within the scheduled time for the event.


If you are joining us for only the fly-out portion, try to fly out of Washington Dulles between 8 and 9pm EST. If you are joining us for the fly-in portion, try to fly into Baltimore Washington between 9pm and midnight EST. We are planning for the 777 ferry flight piloted by Mr. James Hepburn to be arriving at BWI around 11pm EST.

Washington has been MetroAir hub for 4 years and is one of the longest serving within the Airlines history. During its 4 year history Washington has flown more than 23,000 flights which acounts to more than 50% of the total flights metro air has filed during its 5 years. Many of the top filing pilots for Dulles are no longer with us, but some do remain such as Derrick Medlin, David Izzi, Tim Moskal, Diego Pedraglio and Michael Sarver. This is your last chance to be part of Washington’s legacy before Baltimore takes the limelight.

For those pilots who do take part in this Farewell event they will be given the new “iad2bwi” livery or reimbursed MetroMiles if already downloaded. So we hope to see you all there to fly the flag for Washington one final time.

[![](/content/images/2011/11/iadbwi_2-300x124.png "iadbwi_2")](/content/images/2011/11/iadbwi_2-e1320591991334.png)
The new "iad2bwi" commemorative livery