Hogarth Promoted to VP of Operations

Mr. William Hogarth has been promoted to an executive level position, Vice President of Operations. He will continue to manage scheduled operations in addition to managing all aspects of operations including maintenance and charter operations. He has already taken on many of the responsibilities of the new position while Kim Gesch, Chief Operations Officer, has been on leave. Mr. Gesch will continue to serve as an adversarial role as Chief Operating Officer throughout his leave of absence and assist in the planning needs of the airline.

William has been one of the hardest working and committed staff members at MetroAir since November 2010. Despite living in the UK, he manages to stay awake for staff meetings at 2:00am his time. William has also made an effort to understand all aspects of the airline; He recently shadowed our Baltimore Hub Manager, Sean Mullineaux, in an effort to understand the ins and outs of hub management. When he isn’t causing havoc in Denver Center on Vatsim, William serves as a Customer Service Agents for Jet2.com at the Blackpool airport. William would also like to think that he is why so many people participate on Teamspeak; He claims that when he became busy with work last March everyone vanished off Teamspeak and as he found more time in October everyone re-emerged. It sounds a bit ludicrous to me. Maybe his crumpets and tea have been drugged to make him a little delusional. In all seriousness though, William was an excellent addition to the staff over a year ago and I am certain he will fill his new shoes as VP of Operations quite well.

Please join me in welcoming William to the executive team and congratulating him on his promotion.