ACARS v1.3 Released

ACARS v1.3 has been released for usage by all pilots. You can download it by logging in and going to My Downloads in your Pilot Control Panel. ACARS can be found in the Addons section.
#### Changelist for v1.3

  • Parking brake must be set for flight tracking to start
  • Comments are now required if an event flight is checked
  • Any comment that is typed in before hitting submit that is still in the input buffer will be automatically added when hitting submit, no longer requiring the pilot to hit the Comment button to save it before submitting the pirep
  • Additional fuel planning data is being transmitted for each flight

Please be sure to update as soon as possible. As of March 31st ACARS v1.3 will be the only supported version of ACARS.


Matt Dissinger is the Chief Technology Officer for MetroAir Virtual Airlines. Matt joined the airline in January 2011 after a 3 year sabbatical from flight sim and joined the staff in April of 2011.