A Belated Welcome to Our New Ontario Hub Manager!

Join me in welcoming our newest Hub Manager, James Hepburn! James joined MetroAir on July 18th, 2010. He has since racked up 755 pireps with us. That’s 2160 hours if you’re counting with only 233.2 of those being transfer hours! James is no stranger to being a staff member here at MetroAir. He has previously held the positions of an “Instructor” as well as the “Director of Mentorship”. James has also been instrumental in assisting the training department with getting the new training manuals squared away.

In real life James comes to us from Montego Bay, Jamaica. He’s self-employed as an IT Specialist where he does support, network design, as well as training. He’s supported at home by a wonderful woman to whom he will soon wed!

James has already settled nicely into his position as the new Ontario Hub Manager. He can be found most days and nights on our Teamspeak server while doing flights across the globe for MetroAir. His door is always open to his pilots and is always willing to help out a fellow pilot from any hub. Drop in on TeamSpeak and say “Hi” sometime!