News from the Training Department

Often times its lost as to what is exactly happening in different departments of Metro Air.  I have found this to be true of the Training Department as well.  While it is true that we are meeting every month and again with the staff on a monthly basis, this information is often lost when it comes to the general membership, the driving force, of the airline.  This blog post is designed to alert you to exactly what to expect in the next 30, 60 and 90 days from your training department.

In the next 30 days you will see the unveiling of the Metro Air/VATSIM P1 program.  Have you ever been flying on VATSIM and you hear a controller say to another pilot, congratulations you have passed this phase of your training?  Have you ever thought it would be fun to use your Sim for training like events?  Well this is what this program is designed to do.  Another step if you will when it comes to your online experience.  This program will partner with VATSIM in the training of our pilots in all aspects of VATSIM flying!  Look out for this becoming available in the next 30 days!

In the next 60 days, you can look forward to the METRO GOLD program.  This is a program designed for the pilot that has reached the rank of Captain or above.  It will further their knowledge much like attending a flight school.  It is a simple yet very difficult exam administered online that is designed to separate the best of the best.  These questions are directly from the FAA private pilot written exam, and can cover much more then you will ever use on VATSIM or FS.  These Pilots will earn a monthly allotment of Metro Miles and the distinguished Metro Gold Badge!  You must pass this exam with a score of 90% or higher.

In the next 90 days We are looking at working with William and Matt C in the possibility of opening a training base.  This base would be the home of Metro Air University, the Mentorship Program and will offer different staff opportunities in the role of Instructor.  This facility would act as the training base for Metro Air Virtual and will be available to all pilots old and new for their instruction or brush up on different items, coursed offered may vary from “Tuning a VOR to Private Pilot Ratings”

This is a glimpse of what is happening, I hope some of this will spark your interest and you will be ready and waiting when these roll out.  Lots of opportunity for advancement both through the airline as well as your aeronautical knowledge.

Green Skies

Ken Adams MET1208

Director of Training


Ken Adams is the Director of Training at Metro Virtual, he lives in Tucson Arizona where he enjoys 300+ days of beautiful VFR flying. Ken owns and runs his own business as well as officiates footbal