New Aircraft. New Route.

Note: this post is part of the April Fool’s Day prank of 2012. The following are false statements and only written for a joke.

This morning, MetroAir executives announced their intentions to start a new daily service from Baltimore to Beijing. While MetroAir has already established a route from the Western United States into Beijing, the “demand for tickets is surpassing our available seats on the A330” said VP of Operations, William Hogarth. In what was even more stunning news, executives announced firm plans on orders for 4 Airbus A380’s to service both Beijing routes.

Artist rendition of a MetroAir A380
Asia, and particularly China, is establishing itself as a leader in the communications and technology industries. With such integral ties to US-based companies, airline executives released figures showing an average 98.6% load factor on Flights 54 and 55. Kim Gesch, Chief Operating Officer for the airline explained a recent shift in their sales policy for the Beijing flights. “With unprecedented demand for the flights, we have neglected overselling on these 2 particular flights. Most days of the week we were finding that every ticketed passenger for the flight was arriving at the gate. We were beginning to lose money in the amount of comps we had to distribute for the flights.”

Hogarth was on hand to release some more details about the A380 order. MetroAir chose the three-class configuration which will more than double the number of available seats on the route. He hinted that the airline is expecting to take its first delivery of the A380 in approximately one year. “Airbus has promised to complete the first aircraft for us by or before April 1, 2013.” said Hogarth. He continued to say that in the interim, the airline was planning to lease 4 additional A330’s to increase available seats on the existing route. Due to route distance, the airline will be waiting to commence the Baltimore-Beijing flight but has said it will be increasing it’s Ontario to Beijing route and will begin A330 service from Baltimore to Ontario to serve the needs of our east coast passengers who are Beijing-bound. With new routes and aircraft come new jobs.

Shortly after the press conference Chief Personnel Office Lindle Romero was overheard speaking with Gesch about needs to hire an additional 45 staff to support the new aircraft and route. While they would not comment publicly, it is expected that an extra 8-12 pilots would be hired and 25-35 flight attendants. Additional ground crew would also be needed in both Baltimore and Ontario.