All about the designs: Director of Integrated Media

All about the designs (part 1). This is just a blog post to show you what its like to be in the line of work of what I do as the Director of Integrated Media for MetroAir Virtual. In this blog post I will tell you what kind of things I work on, the type of time-lines I deal with and at some times, the pressure.

Not everyday is spent working on new paints, ads, header images (just a few of the things) or other items that you may see on the site that looks good or makes the site/flight sim come to life. I try to get a lot of flying time in, but with this job there are always new things to show up on my desk that need to be planned, and worked on. The timelines can always go from long and not need right away, to quick and needed within the week. Many of the items I have worked on that you may not notice have been the TS3 skin, MetroAir Google Chrome Skin, and even the MetroAir ACARS Splash screen.

Many of the items that are needed right away are done quickly, they have also been done ahead of time. A lot of my files are .psd files or Photoshop files. If you are looking to get into editing photos or graphics then Photoshop would be a great program to learn, there are so many things you can do that I still have not mastered or know about. This first post is more or less an overview of what all I get to do for metro to make the visual experience better for all of you (the pilots). This is something I enjoy to do in my free time as well as for MetroAir. So if you ever have any questions to ask me then I would be more than happy to answer them!


Oh, and if you wanted a list of items that I have done then check out just some of them below (this is just a small list):

  • Metro aircraft paints (Anaheim Ducks, Kansas City Royals 1, Long Term Charter Livery, University of KansasQ400, University of Missouri Q400, Kansas State University Q400, University of Oklahoma Q400, Winter Classic 2011, Embraer 170, Legacy 600)
  • Main site ads and blog photos (some of the blog photos not all)
  • Website header images
  • Some website graphics
  • Hub images
  • City images
  • Training tutorials
  • Wallpapers
  • And other items…

Check back for more on part 2 because you will get to see how a livery for metro is made!