Comradery in the Airline

Above the badges, promotions and title’s associated with being in an airline is the comradery we have enjoying this airline together. As a hub manager I have the task of ensuring the hub run’s as best as possible. As an ATP Captain I have ranked up the hours and just like everyone else enjoy seeing them go up and all the badges that come with it. However the best times I have had with this airline have been sitting on Teamspeak and spilling soda everywhere as I split my side laughing.

The people here are some of the best you will find in the virtual skies, both as pilots and friends. Everyone here has something to bring to the table, whether it be well versed in the cockpit, being able to program, painting airplanes or helping others with tweaking their systems, they are always willing to help. Being apart of something like this is rewarding in the sense that I can help someone with something and know that if I ever need something that they have my back as well.

Metro has a great program for pilots who fly the same flight together on Teamspeak and VATSIM. Doing so get’s you bonus hours. However it’s much better than that. You will be surprised what you may learn about Metro, flight sim or that person. You may also be impressed on what you already know and are able to pass on to others. I have done many of these types of flights and have become a better pilot for it. William can attest to the fun we have had, both causing chaos and pulling off some hairy approaches.

I like to think I have made some friends for life here, some who I have even had the pleasure of meeting in person. There is more to a VA then just routes and planes. The forums, Teamspeak and VATSIM are great outlets to get the most out of this great thing we have here. I strongly encourage everyone to hop on Teamspeak and meet others, don’t be shy or intimidated for any reason… we can’t wait to meet you.

In closing I can’t thank those enough who make this possible and wish to be a part of this for a long time.