What is the Mentor Program?

Most pilots here at MetroAir have heard of the mentor Program. But, a lot of you guys might not know what the Mentor Program is and what it is about. Well I am here to tell you what it Is all about and a little about my position on staff here at MetroAir which is Director of Mentorship. First things first the MetorAir Mentor Program was created to help those pilots who are new here at Metro get a better sense of how things run and operate. This program gives pilots the ablility to learn the ins and outs of the MetroAir website. It also allows new pilots to be able to learn how to use MetroAir ACARS, and how to set up TeamSpeak. Once a pilot feels they have a firm understanding of all the content on the MetroAir website, they can take a checkride. The checkride is basically an open book or open website test/quiz that encompasses all of what the pilot has learned about MetroAir. Now when I say open book/website I mean you can use anything on the MetroAir website, forums, wiki, or blog to help answer any question on the test. Once a pilot passes the checkride with an 86% they have officially passed the Mentor Program. Once a pilot passes the Mentor Program they receive 200 MetroMiles, a Mentor Program Badge added to your Achievements list, and 40% of any transfer hours from another virtual airline.

Now on to my job here at MetroAir. My official title is Director of Mentorship. My job is to pretty much keep the Mentor Program in check and running as a well oiled machine. I also assign new pilots to our mentors, assign checkrides to pilots when they need it, and also answer any and all question that new pilots may have. If you have been a new pilot here at MetroAir from the middle of November onward chances are I have made contact with you.

Ok now that we have gone over what the Mentor Program and what my position is here at MetroAir, I think it’s time to share some tips on how to do well on the checkride.

  1. Study the “MAV Training Guide for New Pilots” it contains all the information needed to successfully pass the Mentor Program.
  2. Know how to navigate the MetroAir website well, ie. Know where you can find info on different cities, where to find info on the aircraft/fleet we fly etc.
  3. Next is simply being prepared. The more you look over and study the training guide and the website the better.
  4. Last but not least is taking your time on the checkride. I cannot tell how many pilots fail the test because they rush. If you simply take your time read the question fully and take the time to look up the answer you should be golden and pass the checkride without a hitch.


Andrew joined MetroAir in November of 2010. After a year of hard work and climbing through the ranks Andrew accepted his position on staff as the Director of Mentorship. In the real world Andrew is a