Backpacking in Europe

Kansas City MO – Kansas City based MetroAir Virtual Airlines has today announced that beginning June 1st they will be going into partnership with Reykjavik based, Iceland Express to provide two A320 aircraft to operate their summer season schedule out of Keflavik Airport.

Since the demise of UK based Astreaus Airways, who were the soul provider of Aircraft to Iceland Express, the Icelandic Airline was forced to take quick action in finding replacement aircraft to operate their flights. It was in January when the Airline approached Metro Air’s operations department to discuss terms for a long term lease on two of our Charter Planes. At a press conference today at Iceland Express’s Headquaters the Managing Director, Mr Skarphéðinn Berg Steinarsson said “These have been difficult times for many Airlines throughout the world and Iceland Express has certainly had its fair share of this misfortune over the past six months. We were forced to cease all our operations when Astreaus filed for bankruptcy in late 2011. It is thanks to MetroAir that we are able to stand up once again and offer our passengers a dedicated service from Iceland to Europe with confidence.”

Metro Air’s two A320 aircraft have recently been painted in the Iceland Express livery ready for the charters to begin. The two A320s will be ferried from the US to Keflavik on Saturday 26th May 2012 ready to begin service on June 1st. Also present at the Conference was Metro Air’s Charter Director, Alex Norgaard who had this to say “I have been working very closely with the Iceland Express team over the last few months helping the team set up the services ready for this Charter lease.  It has been a great pleasure to work for the Airline and to see the determination from all their workforce who have shown excellent support and put forward great ideas all of which we hope will make this a fantastic adventure for the two Airlines.”

When services begin they aircraft  will be flying to: Alicante, Barcelona, Berlin Tegel, Billund, Bologna, Edinburgh, Copenhagen, London Gatwick, Gothenburg Krakow, Paris, Prague, Vilnius, and Cologne

Metro’s VP of Operations, William Hogarth gave us a short interview before boarding his flight back to BWI “I am incredibly pleased at how smoothly this process has gone, things could not have worked out any better. Metro’s Charter presence has grown dramatically over the last 12 months and I hope that this can continue. The Charter Market is very difficult to work in sometimes because of those last minute changes between airlines over destinations, slot times amongst other things so it can become stressful for both parties. If however it is done right it can be very lucrative and successful  for both partners. As I said in Hawaii a few weeks ago ‘We promised this summer would be the best yet’ I think I can safely say that everyone should be pleased”

So keep your eyes peeled as further information and launch date updates will be made very soon.

William Hogarth

William Hogarth is the Chief Executive Officer at MetroAir & has been a pilot at the Airline since the summer of 2010. Before becoming CEO he has also served in the operations department as VPO & COO.