What we've known and said all along....

In recent weeks, we on the staff have been posting here in the blog. I am not much of a writer at all. Some of my colleagues here at MetroAir offered a great deal of help to me in getting my thoughts together for my post. In writing my first entry, which I might post in the future, other things in my FS world were going on. Then, it hit me right between the eyes.  I just want to share a little tidbit. If you will indulge me for a few words, a testimonial of sorts.

We’ve all posted and said, at one time or another, that this is by far the best VA community out there. After a long search for my first VA, I landed here for various reasons in March of 2008. The first being the new livery that was just being released. Other reasons included the rank structure and the quality of models we use to fly here at MetroAir and the simplicity of the website. Because of that, I have remained here and amassed the majority of my VATSIM hours in a MetroAir bird. And until recently, ALL of my VA hours were here.

Over the years, I have acquired through prizes, gifts and purchases I’ve gotten past the wife(hope she doesn’t read this) some great payware aircraft that we don’t use here. Since I love to fly on VATSIM, I figured it to be a waste to fly them without logging the hours with some VA of some sort.

A few years ago, I joined one that was very small. So small, in fact, I wouldn’t even begin to compare it to ours. However, more recently, I joined a much larger VA to enjoy some Boeing equipment I have been neglecting to learn for a while. The hiring process was sort of similar to ours. A basic knowledge test was required. It took a little less than 48 hours to get my welcome letter. I’m thinking “so far, so good”. Okay, the pilot handbook was okay, but not nearly as comprehensive as ours. It left a lot of questions as to equipment qualifications and rankings. So, I proceed to jump into the forums and introduce myself. Easy enough. It’s been 2 weeks and I have gotten four(4) responses. Mind you this VA has a roster about 3 times the size of ours, and a staff about double ours. I also posted my questions about which models I was allowed or not allowed to use for recording trips. The responses were not clear at all. Those were only from one person. No one else has even taken the time to chime in. So, I went on and flew with my payware and got approved. I’ve posted a few screenies and got a couple of comments.

A couple of days after the questions on the forums, I decide to jump on their TS3 server. The place was loaded……with…..giggling kids. Now I don’t have a problem with kids. I have three of my own at home. But one was getting out of hand and was taken out of the room to be counselled and brought back to apologize, not once, but two times. I did find my hub manager in there though. He was able to answer my equipment questions though. Flying there is not bad. But it doesn’t come close to comparing to MetroAir.

I guess what I am trying to say is, all in all, it is not a bad VA. I might even recommend it to an experienced simmer. But, I can surely say I am spoiled rotten by the community we have that can welcome ALL experience levels with open arms.

That being said, I am now more confident than ever that MetroAir will always be my main VA and all others will have to be compared to this one. And, I seriously doubt that ANY will ever completely measure up.

Derrick Medlin

Derrick Medlin has been a pilot with MetroAir Virtual Airlines since March of 2008. He has served as Allegius Hub Manager and mainline Hub Manager in each of it's hub cities and is currently serving