We're Hiring: Fleet Director

Matt Dissinger has been our Fleet Director for a little over a year now and since joining the staff has proved to be a vital member of the operations team. Some of his achievements include updating the ACARS system to include the fuel planning and helping to create an up to date AI package. As of June 6th, Matt recieved and accepted a promotion to the executive level and is now the “Vice President of IT and Media” While he will still be active in the operations department he will now take on more responsibility assisting with day to day media and IT tasks. With Matt’s promotion this now leaves a vacancy in the operations department.

So with that said, have you ever though about joining the MetroAir staff? Have you been wondering how else you can contribute to the airline? If so, please consider applying. MetroAir is looking for a new Fleet Director.

Job Description
1. Continue to maintain a ferry schedule for new and existing aircraft.
2. Maintain aircraft in the Operations panel to ensure ferry flights can be flown by pilots at the appropriate times.
3. Act as an operations researcher to evaluate new and existing markets to ensure the airline is functioning and operating to the best of its ability.
4. Continue the maintenance schedule and review aircraft cycles and hours to ensure aircraft are receiving the proper maintenance checks.
4. Work with the entire scheduling department to ensure there are no conflicts with aircraft.
5. Learn the basics of scheduling and to act as an Operations Assistant with operational duties as they arise.
6. Work with backend systems to create accurate reports for individual aircraft and airport gate slots.

  • Pilot at MetroAir Virtual for a minimum of one month on or before June 15th, 2012
  • Ability to work well in a team
  • Ability to communicate effectively with the entire staff
  • Ability to participate in staff meetings on Teamspeak. [General staff meetings are held monthly (Sun PM). Operations department meetings are held weekly (Tue PM).]
  • A minimum of 5 hours a week to dedicate to roles and responsibilities at MetroAir (Will vary from week to week)
  • Ability to research airport information to determine basic information required for scheduling flights
  • Ability to determine flight viability based on available aircraft, their ranges and market needs

To Apply
If you would like to apply to be the Fleet Director, please answer the following questions and send an email to:

  1. Name
  2. How long have you been a pilot at MetroAir? If you have been rehired, indicate time since your latest rehire date.
  3. Have you ever been terminated from MetroAir Virtual due to disciplinary reasons or due to failure to abide to MetroAir policies? If so, indicate what the nature of your termination.
  4. How much time per week do you have to allocate to MetroAir responsibilities?
  5. What timezone are you in?
  6. Do you use Skype? If so, what is your username.
  7. What interests you about the position?
  8. What are your expectations of the position?
  9. Why do you feel you would be a good candidate for the position?
  10. What direct experience do you have that related to the position?
  11. What makes you stand out from other candidates?
  12. What are some of your hobbies outside of MetroAir?
  13. How would you choose a new destination for MetroAir? List the factors that you would consider and try to explain the reasoning.

Feel free to add any additional comments or information that you think is important when your application is reviewed.

If you have questions about the applications, feel free to send an email to the above mentioned email address for any additional clarification.

We look forward to hearing from you.

William Hogarth

William Hogarth is the Chief Executive Officer at MetroAir & has been a pilot at the Airline since the summer of 2010. Before becoming CEO he has also served in the operations department as VPO & COO.