Wonderful World of Training

Round 2 of the Training Blog brings up many different yet exciting possibilities.  Ever thought about a training base?  How about learning the way of a real world pilot, their knowledge base and what they are expected to know? Have you watched our training videos or better yet did you know we had training videos?  All of this is the focus of the next few months here in the Training Departement

METRO GOLD:  This program is under construction and will earn you a special designation among your fellow Metro Pilots.  This designation however will not come with out a price, it will be difficult and its not something that is to be taken likely.  This program will be very similar to a ground school program you may find at your local flight school, with obvious modifications for the virtual world.  It will involve not only the book knowledge that real world pilots are required to know but at times the decision making that happens when you last expected.  Recipients of the golden wings will indeed stand out from the group as this badge will show not only that they completed the program but that they dedicated the time an energy above and beyond to achieve this goal.  You can look for this program to role out late summer early fall.

METRO TRAINING VIDEOS;  These videos are not only done very well, they are very helpful to any pilot that may need help.  We are looking to add to the existing videos to help round out this collection.  Currently the focus of these videos involve the navigation and operation around the MetroAirVirtual Site.  We would like to involve more flight topics, such as Tuning a VOR, Setting up an ILS approach and topics more related to flight in order to enhance this training library.

In addition, the Training department will be looking to hire 1-2 Metro pilots in the role of Instructor. These individuals will aide in the day to day operations of the University as well as be a helping hand for all pilots at Metro. The pilots will also be responsible for the teaching and ratings that may be achieved through some of our training programs that are on the horizon and will have tons of input in the Metro Gold program set to roll out by the end of summer.  I will admit the world of training is much larger then I ever believed and fellas I cant do this on my own.  If ANY of you would like to throw your hat into the ring and become a part of the Training Staff please email me right away at [email protected] Final Approval as always will depend on the Executive Staff at Metro however, we are all anxious to see this department move forward and expand.

Lots of pots on the stove, and they are all starting to boil. Should be an busy and exciting 4th quarter for Metro Air Training.

Ken Adams
Director of Training


Ken Adams is the Director of Training at Metro Virtual, he lives in Tucson Arizona where he enjoys 300+ days of beautiful VFR flying. Ken owns and runs his own business as well as officiates footbal