July Pilot of the Month

July Pilot of the Month!

Hired on April 15, 2012, this pilot has already proven his mettle among his peers. He quickly jumped into the forums with both feet, making himself known around the water cooler.
During the May hub competition,he carried his team by ammassing 20% of the total hub points earned by his entire team. (A total of 62.1 points, 37 hours and 22 PiREps in May alone).
In June, he has already exceeded those numbers. To date he has recorded a total of 93.5 hours, and has worked his way from Trainee Pilot to First Officer in a mere 68 days on the job. According to his ACARS reports, his flights are almost all nearly flawless. Mr. Hepburn has some competition with this guy in the Greased Landings department.
So It gives me great pleasure, as the Kansas City hub manager to announce the June 2012 Pilot of the Month, IAN GUENTHER!
Congratulations Ian! I am confident you will continue to be an asset to MetroAir and Kansas City.

Along with this certificate sutible for framing, I have reserved a prime parking spot for the entire month of July in the deck with easy access to Terminal A!
When you see him in the terminal or on Teamspeak, make sure you congratulate him!

Derrick Medlin

Derrick Medlin has been a pilot with MetroAir Virtual Airlines since March of 2008. He has served as Allegius Hub Manager and mainline Hub Manager in each of it's hub cities and is currently serving