MetroAir awards Sean Mullineaux the Distinguished Service Award

As most of you are aware, Sean Mullineaux is leaving soon to train with the Arizona Army National Guard.  We were happy to give him a proud sendoff which we did this evening with Sean’s going away bash.  If you missed it your really missed out because not only did we fly, but we also roasted Sean but good! (Thanks for being a good sport about it Sean!)  This event however doesn’t adequately express the contributions made by Sean over the years at MetroAir.

What Sean has always lacked in piloting ability, particularly with landing… (Sean, dude, Seriously, just how many landing gears has mantenance had to replace because of you!?)… he has made up for in being an all around fantastic contribuiter to the MetroAir Community.

He has served as the Hub Manager for two locations, He has been an outstanding mentor, and most importantly has been good friend to many in this airline, myself included.

So we couldn’t in good consence let Sean board that aircraft without giving him not only a proper send off but also an award recognizing his contributions to MetroAir.

Therefore it is with great pleasure, that the full staff of MetroAir Virtual Airlines award Sean Mullineaux the MetroAir Distinguished Service Award.  This award is the highest award the airline can bestow on our pilots, as of this date Sean is only the 9th recipiant, and Sean has more than earned it.

MetroAir’s full staff would like to wish Sean a safe and pleasant journey.  We’ll keep the doors open for you!