Who's who at MetroAir

Since MetroAir began in 2005 it has taken hundreds of people to make MetroAir what it is today. MetroAir strives to be different from all the other Virtual Airlines out there. But how many of you know what it is that all the current staff actually do to make this airline keep flowing? I’m sure you will have all seen the Staff signatures detailing there current position on the forum, some of you may have even read the staff Biographies on the staff page. It is these people who give up there spare time every week to ensure that you, the pilots get the latest updates and one of the most realistic flight sim experiences on the market.

You will all know your Hub Managers as they are the face of the airline, they make you all feel welcome and assist with any of your problems that you may encounter during your 1st few weeks at the airline. As well as all that they are responsible for approving your PiREPs and making sure that everything runs smoothly with your flgiths. You will also know our HR Manager, Sara. Sara is the only active female member of staff at the airline and very committed to her job. As her title suggests she is in charge of the Hiring and Firing of pilots at the airline, she also ensures a smooth transition from new recruit to seasoned pilot. These are the staff that you will all be most familiar with but it’s the staff who works behind the scenes who are always working to make your experience here at Metro even more rewarding.

Lets start on my home turf, the Operations team consists of 5 people, these 5 people meet once a week to discuss current and future projects such as where the next focus city will be or what the next aircraft type might be but they also talk about the smaller things such as what the next new city from Kansas is or what the next set of Metjet charters are and when they will launch. Our newest member of the team is Rob he was hired only a few weeks ago but he has already made a huge impact within the operations team, he has continued the dreaded maintenance program that Alex had been working so hard on as well as adding new service betweenPhoenixandLas Vegas. Alex on the other hand works tirelessly all year round to ensure a smooth transition between our usual winter and summer charters, he is responsible for planning, creating, adding and maintaining them. Now that is only two season of the year, the other two are spent planning the previous two! We always try to do things different each year so that we can add some variation to where you all get to fly, because we know that just doing domestic hops from east to west can sometimes get boring and you want to spread your wings. That is why we (and Alex in particular) are making the charters bigger and better all the time. The final member of the ops team I want to talk about is Matt D he has the hardest job of all juggling his executive work and operations work to make sure nothing is missed. In his operations role he creates the packages for new aircraft. He makes sure that the real specifications of any aircraft match what our models do so that we don’t run out of fuel or run off the end of the runway. His other main task is creating and packaging up the AI. This is probably his hardest task because there are so many elements that he has to work with to ensure that every flight appears as it should.

That’s enough about Ops lets turn to the media and marketing department, its small with only two members Cody and Vince. They are probably the least known people because all there work is often over looked! Vince is responsible for drawing up all the major announcements for the blog and forum. He also works on some of the images and graphics that you see around the site. In terms of his ability to write a post I think we can all agree that he is once of the best! This brings me onto Cody. Many of you may not realise that many of the aircraft paints you fly were actually painted by Cody, The Going for Gold 777, all the Q400 special paints, all the A319 special paints, all the A320 special paints and the E170 paint. Cody spends hours on these paints drawing up several drafts coming up with all sorts of Ideas before he is happy with them. On top of getting creative with his paint brushes he spends a lot of time making the graphics for the site such as the ad pages and header pictures.

And still we continue, moving onto the training department. This is the newest department at MetroAir and most of there work is still on going but over the next few months you will start to see what they have been working on and I can tell you that they have been doing a lot of paper work! This department also houses theMentorprogram which some of you who are reading this will have been part of when you joined the airline. Andrew is responsible for this and much like the hub managers and HR he helps take our new recruits and makes them feel part of the family which is ever growing and changing.

Many staff have come and gone over the last 5 or 6 years and some have had many different positions, starting at the bottom and gradually working up the ladder. Now when I think of this only two staff member really spring to mind, Matthew C and Lindle. Both Matt and Lindle have been with the airline practically from the start and quickly rose through the ranks to where they are today. Much of what you see on the Website, Forum, Blog and Facebook pages are all down to them. They have given more free time to this airline than most and without there dedication then Metro might not be what it is today or even worse may have even closed long ago.

You will be pleased to know that I am nearly finished with my ramblings but I hope that after reading this you will all have a better understanding about how much work goes into running this place and the people who work so hard to keep it going.

William Hogarth

William Hogarth is the Chief Executive Officer at MetroAir & has been a pilot at the Airline since the summer of 2010. Before becoming CEO he has also served in the operations department as VPO & COO.