MetroAir Global Tour

The new month is starting, and we are kicking off the fall season with an exciting new challenge!

Starting today, and for each Saturday in September, we will be launching a group of flights on the Legacy 600 that will take the jet and the execs on a whirlwind trip around the globe!  They will be touring various cities across 6 continents to promote the Metro brand and to finalize details on some exciting new ventures in the coming months.  The full schedule is listed below, and the first flights will be active as of tomorrow.

Happy flying!

Week 1
KMKC-SKBO (Kansas City – Bogota)
SKBO-SCEL (Bogota – Santiago)
SCEL-SBGL (Santiago – Rio de Janeiro)
SBGL-SBRF (Rio de Janeiro – Recife)

Week 2
SBRF-EGPH via GOOY to refuel (Recife – Edinburgh via Dakar)
EGPH-EGCC (Edinburgh – Manchester)
EGCC-EDDF (Manchester – Frankfurt)
EDDF-VABB via UBBB to refuel (Frankfurt – Mumbai via Baku)

Week 3
VABB-WSSS (Mumbai – Singapore)
WSSS-YPPH (Singapore – Perth)
YPPH-YSSY (Perth – Sydney)
YSSY-NZAA (Sydney – Auckland)

Week 4
NZAA-PHNL via NSFA to refuel (Auckland – Honolulu via Samoa)
PHNL-KPDX (Honolulu – Portland)
KPDX-KMKC (Portland – Kansas City)


Alex is a pre-medical student currently living in Ottawa. His interest in flying began back in 2004 and he purchased a copy of the then-new FS 2004. After several years of practice flying on his own