Have you Ever Wanted to be a Mentor?

Have you ever wanted to get more involved here at MetroAir? Lend a helping hand to new pilots? Or work your way up to becoming a staff member here at Metro? Then the Mentorship Program is for you. The Mentorship Program is designed to help new pilots settle into the airline as easily and as quickly as possible. The program is a guided tour of MetroAir’s website and the tools and utilities that have been created for you to make your flying experience easier and more fun. It also helps answer any questions that you may have regarding the airline and its operations.

Here’s a short little comment from one of our Mentors Ian Guenther:

“I have been a mentor for two months now. The Mentorship Program works like this:  as new pilots are hired, each pilot is asked to contact Andrew to join the Mentorship Program.  Andrew then assigns each pilot to a mentor, who in turns makes contact with the new pilot, introducing him/herself and the mentor program, and make him/herself available for questions.   Daily time commitment is very light.  At a minimum, I check my MetroAir email at least once a day for any new pilot assignments or questions from my current mentees.

The purpose of the program is familiarize new pilots with our airline’s operations and culture, and to prepare the pilot for the check ride examination, which each pilot can request when they feel they are ready.  Since the test is open-book and un-timed, one of the mentor’s goals is to serve as a sort of “tour guide” for the new pilot, ensuring that he or she is familiar enough with the various aspects of MetroAir’s web presence (website, forums, blog, etc.) to be able to pass the check ride.

If you would like to get involved in the administrative end of the airline, consider becoming a mentor.  I signed on as a mentor as a way to get involved without having to put forward a major time commitment.  My three-year-old daughter ensures that I don’t have the luxury of a lot of spare time!  It is very gratifying to help new pilots get acclimated to our wonderful airline, and doubly so when they pass the check ride.”

Go Green!

Ian Guenther


 The Mentorship Department is currently looking for Mentors to help us out. If you ever want to become a Mentor here at MetroAir contact me at my MetroAir email: [email protected]


Andrew joined MetroAir in November of 2010. After a year of hard work and climbing through the ranks Andrew accepted his position on staff as the Director of Mentorship. In the real world Andrew is a