The Pilots Make the Airline

The staff here at MetroAir works hard to provide our pilots the best service we can. However, no matter how much time we spend to bring you quality aircraft, routes, website, or utilities, the best part about an airline is the pilots. If you haven’t hopped on Teamspeak to chat with other pilots, or flown online with other pilots, then you aren’t getting everything out of MetroAir, and I would argue you are missing one of the biggest benefits of being with a virtual airline.

MetroAir is my second virtual airline that I’ve had the privilege of being a part of, the first being ATA Virtual (prior to it closing down in 2008). When I was with ATA Virtual, my fondest memories are flying with fellow pilots and friends. My fondest memory from ATA was flying with several other pilots New Year’s Eve 2007, where we flew from Baltimore to Greenland, landing just minutes before midnight, taking a short break, and then flying all through the rest of the morning to Paris. In order to stay awake, we started playing Scrabble online as we flew, and had a great time when we approached England and got a center controller to help guide us in to Paris. We finally signed off around 6 AM central time, and I had a great time.

When I joined MetroAir, I was hoping to find a similar camaraderie, and I definitely did. Whether it’s doing a quick hop from Ontario to San Jose, or flying into the Telluride and watching someone accidentally go into slew mode and do flips 30 feet off the ground, the best memories are always with fellow friends and pilots.

So if you haven’t yet hopped on Teamspeak or participated in the forums, get out there and join in! Make sure you take advantage of the best thing MetroAir has to offer, our fellow pilots.


Matt Dissinger is the Chief Technology Officer for MetroAir Virtual Airlines. Matt joined the airline in January 2011 after a 3 year sabbatical from flight sim and joined the staff in April of 2011.