November 2012 Pilot of The Month

James Pivitt (best known as Jim Pivitt) has been with MetroAir since September 17, 2012, a little more than a month and a half as of this post. He hails from the ever buzzing Ontario hub. Since being here he’s added 47.6 hrs to his 180 transfer hours for a total of 227.6 hrs. Jim is very passionate about his flying. I’ve spent some time with him on Teamspeak – where he’s quite regular – and he’s always eager to benefit from the interaction and experience of our more seasoned pilots. His determination to hone his skills with the A320 (which he’s made great strides at) and the E-170 in particular is very admirable. I also admire his humility and candor. This month Jim stands out as our pick for Pilot of The Month. Please join myself and the rest of the staff in congratulating Jim.