New Year, New Charters

With the end of the year approaching and a new one beginning, it’s time to look forward to what 2013 will bring to the charter department.

Of course, the winter ski charters and the South American flights will continue into the early spring before we switch over to the summer charters.  With the recent re-addition of the 757’s to the fleet and the freeing up of some A330 aircraft there will be the opportunity to open up new routes this summer (stay tuned for those later in the winter).  As always we will be trying to come up with some new and exciting destinations that will interest and challenge Metro’s pilots.

Coming up in January there will be a couple new options in the charter department.  The MetJet will be returning to the skies after a tune-up following the World Tour that took place in the fall.  The flightplans are still being finalized, but look for the execs to be touring some new cities as well as returning to some old ones (perhaps related to some new services coming with the new aircraft?).  Metro will also be running a few extra charter flights between some TBA cities to account for some of the extra winter traffic.

To celebrate the arrival of the New Year, starting on January 1st any Build-A-Charter requests will be refunded the Metro Miles it takes to submit the charter.  In order to take advantage of the promotion, just submit your request and send me an email after with your name and pilot ID and I will refund the cost of the trip.  This promotion will run until January 8th.

I hope this gives everyone something to look forward to coming up at Metro (in addition to the very exciting announcement of the 757’s return).  As always, there are sure to be a couple of surprises thrown into the mix.


Alex is a pre-medical student currently living in Ottawa. His interest in flying began back in 2004 and he purchased a copy of the then-new FS 2004. After several years of practice flying on his own