Let's see 'em: MetroAir kicks off screenshot competition

Matt Dissinger won the last screenshot competition in the unedited category with this image.
At MetroAir, we love showing off our birds in action in the Screenshots forum, and now it is time to kick it up a few notches.

Starting Feb. 1, we’ll begin the first screenshot competition of 2013 – with a slight twist (tip ‘o the hat to Derrick for the idea).

We want to highlight the plethora of places our aircraft travel to … so where are you seeing the MetroAir green?

Alright, here are the rules:

  1. All submitted shots MUST contain both a MetroAir aircraft AND a recognizable landmark*.
  2. There will be two competition categories: Unedited and edited. 1. Unedited screenshots are straight from FS, only cropping will be allowed in this category.
  3. Edited screenshots can be spruced up in nearly any way: levels, contrast, blurring, etc
  4. Only one submission per category, per pilot will be allowed – i.e. Rob Strain can submit one edited and one unedited shot. So choose carefully!
  5. Screenshot submissions can be posted in this forum thread, or emailed to rob.strain (at) metroairvirtual.com between now and Feb. 15.
  6. On Feb. 15, the submissions will close and voting will begin on our Facebook page.

The voting will be open to anyone, not just MetroAir pilots, so we encourage you to share the links with friends and family once the voting opens.

*More info on recognizable landmarks:

Recognizable landmarks are any specific landmarks or buildings modeled in FS9, FSX or addon scenery, such as (but not limited to) the Washington Monument, Eiffel tower, Big Ben, the Palm Islands in Dubai, Golden Gate Bridge, Niagara Falls, etc.

For this competition only, pilots may deviate from filed flight plan to get a spectacular screenshot, provided the landmark is in the vicinity of a destination served by MetroAir.

Pilots may or may not be on a scheduled bid in order to get the right time of day for that “Perfect shot”. If they are not on a bid, they will not get credit for hours flown, e.g. you can just fire up the sim to get that perfect shot – it doesn’t have to be in middle of a scheduled flight.


Rob Strain has been with MetroAir since May of 2012 and held the Director of Media & Marketing position since December. Previously, Rob served as the Fleet Director. He has had an interest in fly