It seems like only yesterday that MetroAir was a young startup virtual airline. In November of 2005 it was just an idea. The brainchild of founder Mark McCoy, CEO from November of 2005 until July of 2006.

On January 14, 2006, MetroAir officially launches revenue operations as a small regional airline, based out of Detroit-Wayne County (KDTW), utilizing B737-219ADV and Dash8-Q200, only serving destinations in the US and Canada. It’s first DTW hub manager was none other than our current CEO, Matthew Calsada.

Over the years, there have been many changes. A second hub, Ontario, CA. (KONT) was opened to expand services to the west coast in July of 2007. Seeing the opportunity for further growth on the Eastern Seaboard MetroAir opens a hub at Washington Dulles (KIAD) in December of 2007 and announces the closing of KDTW, while remaining headquartered there. In June of 2010, MetroAir opens a third hub at Kansas City (KMCI) and announcing the transition of it’s headquarters to KMCI as well. Most recently KIAD was replaced with Baltimore-Washington (KBWI) as the East Coast hub.

With all of that growth, came the need for more aircraft in the fleet. MetroAir has operated some of the best aircraft in the industry. Some of these include the B737-200ADV & ER, the B737-700, Saab 2000, B767-200, and the B757-200WL. And in 2007 we began to acquire Aircraft from Airbus Industries to include the A32x series and the A330-300. Some have come and gone and others have returned.

Some of our notable personnel milestones include:

  • William Hogarth serving as Director of Aircraft Operations, Director of Scheduled Operations, VP of Scheduled Operations and currently Chief Operations Officer.
  • Derrick Medlin serving as Allegius Hub Manager, at various points KIAD, KONT and KMCI Hub Manager and currently as Chief Personnel Officer
  • Lindle Romero serving as Director of Training, ONT Hub Manager, VP of Operations, Chief Personnel Officer and currently Chief Media Officer.
  • Matthew Calsada serving as DTW Hub Manager, VP of Operations and currently Chief Executive Officer.

On Sunday night, 2301 EST February 3, 3013, (0101z Monday), MetroAir Virtual Airlines passed another major milestone. Piloted by Dave Nichols, MET41, an A319 flew from KBWI-BIKF. This flight marked the 50,000th PiRep since it first launched operations in 2006. Congratulations to Dave for piloting this historic flight.

In a mere 7 years, MetroAir has become a truly global virtual airline, serving destinations on almost every continent. We have also become one of the premier VA’s in the flight simulation community. This wouldn’t have happened without the hard work of all of the staff and executives working behind the scenes. But most of all, of it weren’t for you the pilots who joined and fly with us, we would have never grown to what we are today. Thank you all for being a part of MetroAir!

Derrick Medlin

Derrick Medlin has been a pilot with MetroAir Virtual Airlines since March of 2008. He has served as Allegius Hub Manager and mainline Hub Manager in each of it's hub cities and is currently serving