New Hub Managers and MORE!

MetroAir has announced some exciting changes in the past few weeks. Among those were the shift in the Executive offices, the announcement of the return of the Boeing 757 and an exciting new screenshot competition.

No need to stop making big announcements now! We recently posted the opening for a new Kansas City Hub Manager. There was a strong field of candidates. So strong in fact that we were able to identify two…yes TWO, hub managers!

First, replacing Derrick Medlin in Kansas City will be Dave Nichols. Although Dave has only been with the airline a mere 6 months, he has become a leading force for his peers in MCI. He also brings a lot to the table. He has real world experience in ATC, serving as a controller in the Houston TRACON, He was a commercial pilot for many years and has great organizational and leadership skills. We are proud to have him in the flagship hub of Kansas City.

Next, replacing James Hepburn in Ontario will be Anders Young! Anders also brings a lot to the table. He is a seasoned veteran of MetroAir’s ONT hub. He is also well organized and dedicated to our VA’s culture. However reluctant James may have been giving up his baby he calls home,we are sure Anders will make a superb successor to him.

Now, what is going to become of James you may ask? James has done an outstanding job in ONT. Not only has he led his team to 4 consecutive Hub Competition victories, he has been instrumental in behind the scenes training and development of some of the best pilots in the Virtual Airline community.

For that reason, he has been asked to return to his roots in Training and Development. He is moving into a position he previously held as the Director of Training. In his new role, he will be responsible for all aspects of training, as well as overseeing the Mentorship Program. We are confident that James will take our Training/Mentorship to the next level in helping MetroAir continue to be realistic, innovative and professional.

Please take the time to stop by the forums or join us on Teamspeak to congratulate all three of them on their new positions!

Derrick Medlin

Derrick Medlin has been a pilot with MetroAir Virtual Airlines since March of 2008. He has served as Allegius Hub Manager and mainline Hub Manager in each of it's hub cities and is currently serving