MetroAir launches Ad Hoc Charter to Bhutan

MetroAir Virtual Airlines is pleased to announce an Ad Hoc Charter in partnership with the University of Baltimore launching March 19.

Ad Hoc Charters are unique flights available for a short period, often designed to push pilots to the limits of their skills, and this flight to Bhutan is no different – Paro Airport is at 7,300 feet and has a very precise approach. Pilots can review the approach charts here and here.

The flight will be flown in an Airbus A319 and will fly from Baltimore to Manchester and Dubai before arriving in Bhutan.

There is a complete pilot brief for this Ad Hoc Charter here. Please review the brief before attempting the flight, as it contains important information regarding passenger loading and layovers.

Enjoy the flight!


Rob Strain has been with MetroAir since May of 2012 and held the Director of Media & Marketing position since December. Previously, Rob served as the Fleet Director. He has had an interest in fly