MetroAir Announces Fleet-wide Maintenance Program

KANSAS CITY, MO – MetroAir introduced plans for their fleet-wide maintenance program during a brief press conference outside MetroAir’s headquarters here today.

Scheduled to begin on Jun. 5, the exhaustive maintenance program will see a majority of MetroAir’s fleet flying through one of two maintenance bases at Kansas City International Airport in Kansas City, MO, or the Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville, CA.

“This comprehensive plan will see all of our aircraft, excluding the Boeing 777s, Airbus A330s and the new Boeing 757s, undergo heavy maintenance, otherwise known as a C-Check.” stated Zak Winnick, MetroAir’s Fleet Director. “It’s a very vigorous program that has been months in the making. Let’s just say, I’m happy to finally get it rolled out!”

A C-Check is performed approximately every 15-21 months or at a certain set of actual flight hours. This maintenance check is more extensive than both an A and B Check. On average, a C-Check requires about 6,000 man hours to complete and sees every centimeter of an aircraft being inspected. The average amount of time an aircraft is in a C-Check can vary from 1-2 weeks.

The beginning phase of the maintenance program will see the rest of the Bombardier CRJ-700 fleet complete their maintenance and will introduce the Bombardier Dash-8-Q200 and Dash-8-Q400s. From there the plan is to build up from smallest to largest aircraft, ending with the Airbus A321. At one point in the program, both maintenance bases will see a combined 10-12 aircraft a week.

The maintenance program is currently scheduled to be completed by the end of January 2014. It will see 220, or 85%, of MetroAir’s fleet in for maintenance by the end of the program.


Zak Winnick has been with MetroAir since November 2012, and has been on the management team since July 2013. He has held the position of Director of Charter Operations since September 2015. In th