Now that the May Hub Competition is coming to a close, we want to take this time to offer a little preview of what is coming up for the month of June.

Are you tired of being all alone when you fly with FS ATC? Tired of being vectored 40 miles out of your way to get to an ILS final? Why not try your hand at the wonderful world of VATSIM? Just as there are thousands of pilots flying around in the virtual world, there are hundreds of controllers just waiting for you to join them in a full blown simulation. Live pilots, live controllers, and no more AI runway incursions on departure roll!

The month of June is DAVE’S BIG ADVENTURE!

Come join Kansas City hub manager, Dave Nichols and the rest of the staff on VATSIM! Dave is a former air traffic controller as well as a retired real world pilot. Until now, he has not experienced the exciting world of VATSIM. That is all about to change. The entire month of June will be dedicated to assisting him and any other pilots who are interested with getting started in the wonderful world of online flying.

To all my Metro pilot friends,

I am very happy to be a guinea pig during the VATSIM June adventure.  I have wanted to be a part of that network both as a pilot and controller but have been discouraged by the downloading process.  I am tech challenged.  This month of training will help me immensely and I want as many of you to come along — not just for the ride but to be an active part of the creation of a group of Metro VATSIM students.   A number of our senior VATSIM certified pilots want to be a part of this as advisers.  This is the perfect time.

Lets get ‘er done!

Why are we doing this, you may ask? We are a VATSIM partner! It only makes sense to encourage our pilots to take advantage of the totally free services offered by the VATSIM Community.

Here’s what’s in store for you:
-Daily Availability of your MetroAir staff on TeamSpeak(Times may vary).

-Help with establishing your unique VATSIM ID.(Get a VATSIM ID and receive 200 MetroMiles)

-Technical assistance with downloading and installing client software applications to let you connect to the VATSIM network.

-Tutoring sessions for those who may have “mic fright” or are easily tongue tied.

-Already have a VATSIM ID? No problem. Gain added bonus hours for flying online anytime during the entire month!(Bonus multiplier for flying online is currently .2hr. Fly on VATSIM in June and recieve a bonus multiplier of .4hr)

-Get your VATSIM P1 Certification in JUNE and receive an added goodie to your award panel plus some MetroMiles to boot!(Normally 200 MetroMiles, during the month of June 300 MetroMiles)

-Group study sessions can be arranged for those who wan to prepare for the P1 exam.

What you need:

-A stable internet connection.

-A working headset(Any normal internet voice headset will do. Most retailers carry an adequate headset for under $20 US.)

-A little time on your hands to spend on TeamSpeak to get started.

All of the associated software is totally FREE! AND….the MetroAir Staff will be on hand at different times of the day during the entire month for your convenience.

Whether you are just getting started or are a veteran VATSIM pilot, there is something here for you. Put it on your calendar to Join us on DAVE’S BIG ADVENTURE!

Watch the forum’s VATSIM channel for updates on staff availability and TS times.

Derrick Medlin

Derrick Medlin has been a pilot with MetroAir Virtual Airlines since March of 2008. He has served as Allegius Hub Manager and mainline Hub Manager in each of it's hub cities and is currently serving