Arriving Now: Flight Assignments with Arrivals!

Have you been looking for ways to get from Kansas City to San Diego? Maybe looking for a 3 leg assignment that ends up in Kona, HI? Now you can!

An often requested feature to the website is the ability to search for specific arrival airports when looking for flight assignments. The ETE search for flight assignments works a little more like it is described now. Previously a search for 2 hours or less would really be a search of 2 hours or less AND more than 1 hour. Now that search is actually 2 hours or less and no other constraints. This shouldn’t affect too many of you unless you were specifically looking for flights of 61-120 minutes in length.

Unlike a flight search on an airline site, flight assignments will not try to find the quickest way to your destination. Instead it will strictly obey your “# of Assignments” criteria. This means that there may be a shorter route to your destination.

In the following screenshots a search for A320 and A321 flights starting at DFW and ending in BIL could be done in 2 legs via Ontario but instead we fly via Kansas City and then Ontario. If you’re looking for the shortest way to get to your arrival, start with the smallest number of legs and work your way up.  You may not find any results if you’re picky and choosing B752 flights that are an hour or less; If you find yourself with no results remove a constraint like limiting your legs to only 1 or try expanding the ETE or adding in some additional aircraft types.