Calling All Pilots: Create Your Own Flight Experience!

Here at MetroAir Virtual Airlines, we have quite an extensive route network, including the Build-a-Charter program; each of which allow countless opportunities for pilots to fly routes they’d like to fly.

Starting today, we’d like to kick that up a notch. We want to invite you, our pilots, to create your own flying experience at MetroAir.

Welcome to the Ad-Hoc Charter Program, where you can plan a flight to any city in the world!

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1 – The reason for the flight.

  • All flights need a justifiable reason for their existence.

  • Large scale world and regional events ranging from celebrations and sporting events, all the way to expeditions, mission trips, and disaster relief are all great examples of the types of back stories we’re looking for.

  • Who is “sponsoring” your flight and what’s the reason?
  • Step 2 – The route.

  • Plan the origin and destination, with any necessary stops along the way.

  • All aircraft, with the exception of the Boeing 777, are eligible for use on the charter flights.
  • In addition to the departure and arrival airports, you should also mention scenic points of interest or any special approach/departure procedures that go along with your routing.
  • Step 3 – Submit!

  • It only takes 25 MetroMiles to create and submit an Ad-Hoc charter concept, and only 10 miles per segment/flight to bid on one.

For the month of July, however, all Ad-Hoc flights will not cost you any MetroMiles!

So, what are you waiting for? Build your dream flight today!

Visit: for more details and submission details.

All flights are subject to Management approval.


Zak Winnick has been with MetroAir since November 2012, and has been on the management team since July 2013. He has held the position of Director of Charter Operations since September 2015. In th