Super Typhoon Haiyan Relief Flights

KPAE-KONT04Beginning Tuesday, November 12th, MetroAir is launching relief flights to the Philippines to aid in the recovery effort after Typhoon Haiyan. The storm has devastated much of the region.  We will be launching two aircraft full of supplies and commodities to Lloilo International Airport (RPVI). Metro will be sending an A330 from Ontario, Flight 8999, as well as a 777 from Bangkok , Flight 8998.

Flight 8999 from Ontario will operate every other day, and Flight 8998 from Bangkok will operate on Mondays and Thursdays and utilize the aircraft that typically overnights in Bangkok during our scheduled service.

Please consider donating to help those in need from this tragic event at or another charity organization sending relief to the Phillipines.


Anthony joined MetroAir in December 2012 after searching for the perfect VA. After only a few months he took up the position of Director of Charter Ops looking after all of Metro's charter needs. Ant