Deal Struck Between Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer

KANSAS CITY, MO – Executives from MetroAir Virtual Airlines announced today that a deal with Airbus, Boeing & Embraer to purchase a total of thirty-three new aircraft for their fleet was signed today.

The details of new aircraft have been announced as four Boeing B777-300ER aircraft, four Airbus A330-200 aircraft,  ten Airbus A319 aircraft, and five Airbus A320 aircraft. It was also announced that MetroAir’s regional partner, Allegius, has decided to purchase ten new Embraer E170LR aircraft to add to its existing fleet of twenty-five.

The first of the Airbus A319s are expected to arrive starting in December, with the Airbus A330s due in February and March.

From Boeing, the B777s will arrive beginning April, with the Airbus A320s shortly after.

Meanwhile, Allegius expects the Embraer E170s to begin delivery in February of 2014.

MetroAir’s Chief Operating Officer, William Hogarth, noted “We have also placed options on a further five Airbus A320 Sharklet aircraft and expressed an interest to upgrade some of our A321s to the new fuel saving sharklet versions. However, firm orders have not yet been placed. We have decided to see how the development of these new devices continues over the coming months.”

With the arrival of the new aircraft, MetroAir will be able to increase its route network, both domestically and internationally, in the new year.

Speculation over where the new destinations for the B777s has been swirling around with talk of new routes in the Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

The announcement of these new aircraft comes in the wake of MetroAir’s east coast expansion, which began in September, and is expected to continue well into 2014.

Airline CEO, Matt Calsada stated “The new aircraft will give us the flexibility to expand our network more easily without needing to juggle existing routes to find spare capacity, and will also give us the option to move further into the South American markets, which has always been difficult in the past. We are also very excited for our partner, Allegius, who is taking delivery of ten new E170s, which we expect to start new operations out of our hub in Ontario.”

No confirmed details about new routes have been given at this time. However, with the new aircraft expected in just a few weeks, details on the new routes will released soon.

William Hogarth

William Hogarth is the Chief Executive Officer at MetroAir & has been a pilot at the Airline since the summer of 2010. Before becoming CEO he has also served in the operations department as VPO & COO.