MetroAir Launches Ad-Hoc Charter to Aswan Egypt

lHjsz0K3knU3JrVTmd_yJ7wbY2EPfdoa00wgFmjuOCoMetroAir has launched an Ad-Hoc charter from Bozeman, MT to Aswan, Egypt. The Egyptian government is planning a major maintenance program for the Aswan dam and has turned to Bernard Construction Company, Inc.,  in Bozeman, Montana, for negotiations about this project. A large team of engineers and other necessary staff needs to be flown from Bozeman to Aswan in south Egypt.  We’ll be using a 757 and flight numbers 8204 and 8205 for this trip.


Full charter brief: Aswan ad-hoc charter


Anthony joined MetroAir in December 2012 after searching for the perfect VA. After only a few months he took up the position of Director of Charter Ops looking after all of Metro's charter needs. Ant