February Screenshot Competition


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first screenshot competition of 2014! This year is going to be big for MetroAir, so we’d like to showcase it via YOUR screenshots! As each one of our aircraft goes in for maintenance, it is getting repainted in the Metro Prime livery. This month, we’d like to see your best shot of a MetroAir airplane in the Prime livery! The winner of the screenshot competition will see their screenie as the cover photo for the MetroAir Facebook page and as one of the headers on the MetroAir homepage. Good luck!

Alright, here are the rules:

  1. All submitted screenshots MUST contain MetroAir aircraft in the Prime livery.
  2. There will be two competition categories: Unedited and edited.

  3. Unedited screenshots are straight from FS, only cropping will be allowed in this category.

  4. Edited screenshots can be spruced up in nearly any way: levels, contrast, blurring, etc

  5. Only one submission per category, per pilot will be allowed – i.e. Anders Young can submit one edited and one unedited shot. So choose carefully!

  6. Screenshot submissions can be posted in this forum thread, or emailed to [email protected] between now and Feb. 15.
  7. On Feb. 15, the submissions will close and voting will begin on our Facebook page.

The voting will be open to anyone, not just MetroAir pilots, so we encourage you to share the links with friends and family once the voting opens.