Polar Express: Baltimore to Hong Kong

BALTIMORE, MD – MetroAir Virtual Airlines has announced today additional international service from its East Coast hub in Baltimore. Beginning Monday, April 28th, MetroAir will serve Hong Kong via Chicago with a  Boeing 777-300ER, the largest aircraft in MetroAir’s fleet. Flights 125 and 126 will utilize MetroAir’s newest Boeing 777s which were delivered to the airline in the new Metro Prime paint scheme just this month. The routing of this new flight allows passengers to fly to Hong Kong via multiple connections in either Baltimore or Chicago.


The airline’s Chief Operating Officer, William Hogarth was quoted, “This route is a combination of firsts for the airline. Firstly, it will serve as the only polar route in our schedules, and will also be the first short sector flight in the United States for our 777s. This will enable us to maximise the aircraft’s capacity and also increase connections between our east coast hubs. Chicago is a key market for us and we are delighted so far by the performance of our flights at O’Hare since we moved in March. Chicago remains a very important market to us and one we expect to keep growing in.”

Hogarth’s statement about “polar routes” refers to the flight path of the Chicago to Hong Kong leg which travels over the high latitudes and near the north pole. Flights in this region of the world follow Polar Routes, similar to North Atlantic Tracks, which keep aircraft on a designated route as it passes through Soviet airspace.

777 Prime

Hong Kong will now see two daily MetroAir flights following the introduction of service from Ontario in 2013. Hong Kong remains one of the biggest business and tourist destinations in Asia seeing millions of Americans passing through each year.

Flight Schedule

**MET125: BWI-ORD 1100L/1100L ORD-HKG 1200L/1600L

MET126: HKG-ORD 1730L/2000L ORD-BWI 2100L/2300L

What are Polar Routes?

Polar Routes are designated tracks that guide aircraft through high latitudes over the north pole between continents. The FAA has designated the polar operations area as airspace above 78 degrees north latitude.  Polar routes are frequently used to connect cities in the Middle East and Asia with cities in North America. In 1998, the first polar flight was flown after development by the Russian-American Coordinating Group for Air Traffic, which originally created four polar routes. Today, 9 polar routes cross the Arctic and Siberia with numerous crossing routes that allow aircraft to switch between paths. The list of current polar routes includes: G489, B480, G112, G490, G491, G495, G493, G494, and B806.

polar routes

William Hogarth

William Hogarth is the Chief Executive Officer at MetroAir & has been a pilot at the Airline since the summer of 2010. Before becoming CEO he has also served in the operations department as VPO & COO.