New Achievement Badges Unveiled

KANSAS CITY, MO – New Pilot Award badges have been created to keep up with the achievements of our pilots! After over 8 years of operation, some of our pilots have earned just about every single badge possible! To recognize our pilots’ dedication and service with MetroAir, four new badges have been created. These four badges are:


-7 years of service

-10 years of service

-1500 PiReps

-2000 PiReps

Incredibly, some MetroAir pilots have already passed these milestones! Theses include,

7 years of service:

Tom Collins

Matt Calsada

Kim Gesch

Stephen Iles

Stephen Lebrechthausen

Tim Moskal

Lindle Romero

Alex Bresnick

1500 PiReps:

James Hepburn

Be on the lookout for these new badges and soon enough they’ll be on your Achievements panel too!