New Weekly Feature: Aircraft Swaps


In the real world, airlines occasionally swap a regularly scheduled aircraft for either maintenance or demand reasons. Starting this week, we are going to try and model these scheduling abnormalities by giving you, the pilots, a chance to fly an aircraft on a route it doesn’t usually fly! These flights will be predetermined each week by the staff and will not cost you any extra MetroMiles to fly. Each week’s Aircraft Swaps can be found in the Public Relations Office section of the forums.

To get us started off, we will have 4 aircraft substitutions this week:

MET389/390 | MCI-AUS-MCI | A319 upgraded to B752

MET1993/1994 | BWI-BDL-BWI | Q400 upgraded to E170

MET79/80 | BWI-BRU-BWI | A332 downgraded to B752

MET97/98 | BWI-GVA-BWI | B752 upgraded to A332

Check the forums every week for a chance to fly your favorite aircraft to a new city!