August Pilot of the Month: Adam Trylinski

*KANSAS CITY, MO – *The MetroAir staff is pleased to announce August’s Pilot of the Month is Adam Trylinski! Adam originally joined MetroAir in 2009, took a leave of absence, and was rehired in July. Since then, he has been one of MetroAir’s most active pilots in the air, in the forums, and on Teamspeak. In the month of August, Senior Captain Trylinski carried the Ontario hub to a second place finish in the Hub Competition by flying multiple flights per day.In the last week of the competition alone, Adam filed over 40 PiReps, keeping the race between MCI and ONT tight down to the final whistle.

In addition to being in the air, seemingly 25 hours a day, Adam is also frequently found on Teamspeak conversing with fellow pilots. Particular attention was taken to Adam when he helped another pilot set up ACARS and walked him through VATSIM. Adam is a Prime example of what makes an excellent MetroAir pilot and an even better member of the airline as a whole.