MetroAir Announces Frequency Increases to Newark

*NEWARK, NJ – *MetroAir Virtual has announced today it will increase its number of daily flights from Newark, NJ to Chicago-O’Hare and Baltimore-Washington. Service to Chicago-O’Hare will increase from 3x daily to 5x daily, and mainline service will make its first appearance between Baltimore and Newark three times daily. These additional flights are targeted at capturing connecting passengers and are timed to provide ample connection time to Europe-bound flights and will be operating effective immediately.


“We realized we had a hole in our network,” spoke Fleet Director Zak Winnick, “With our international market share growing everyday, we needed additional capacity to get passengers down to Baltimore from the Tri-State area.”

To make room for the new flights, service from Buffalo to Phildelphia, Boston, and Newark has been switched to an Embraer E170.” The Chicago-New York city pair is another huge market. In addition to the O&D traffic, we have more and more connecting traffic with international destinations.” Each of the new flights will be operated by an Airbus A319 aircraft with 124 seats.