MetroAir Virtual to Sublease One Boeing 777-300ER from Kenya Airways

NAIROBI, Kenya – Kenya Airways agreed to sublease a Boeing 777-300ER to MetroAir Virtual until 2018, with an option to continue the lease at the end of the term. Neither company disclosed financial details of the detail, however it is known Kenya Airways has been struggling to fill their Boeing 777-300ER jets and are favoring their recently delivered Boeing 787 aircraft.kenya777

The aircraft to be leased is registration number 5Y-KZZ, curently leased to Kenya Airways from GECAS (GE Captial Aviation Services). Kenya Airways’ has three Boeing 777-300ERs in their fleet, including 5Y-KZZ. The subleased aircraft will be re-registered under the FAA tail number N782MT and will be the twelfth Boeing 777-300ER in the MetroAir Virtual fleet.

MetroAir virtual currently operates the Boeing 777-300ER to Bangkok, Singapore, Shanghai, London, New Dehli, and Dubai, as well as on select domestic routes.

“The international side of our airline has increased notably over the past year,” said Fleet Director Zak Winnick, “With an additional 777 airframe, we’ll be able to continue the expansion and offer our customers connections worldwide.”

MetroAir pilots will be flown to Nairobi, Kenya in order to take over the Boeing 777-300ER. From Nairobi, the aircraft will be ferried non-stop to New Iberia, LA to be repainted in the MetroAir Prime livery. The ferry flight will operate as MET7123 and at almost 16 hours en route, will be the longest flight ever operated by a MetroAir crew. The ferry flight will be active from October 31st to November 16th. Details can be found in the MetroAir forums.