November Pilot of the Month: Matthew Kramer

KANSAS CITY, MO – The MetroAir Staff is excited to announce Matthew Kramer as the MetroAir November Pilot of the Month! Matthew originally joined with MetroAir in 2006 and flew out of the Detroit hub, amassing a stunning 30 PiReps in one month during his first stint with new airline. Matthew rejoined the MetroAir ranks in August 2014 and has continued his pace, flying over 50 flights throughout the past two months. More importantly, however, is his participation in the forums and on Teamspeak. Matthew is frequent poster in the forums and can be found chatting on Teamspeak many days of the week. As a VATSIM P1 rated pilot, he has participated in many of the biweekly VATSIM events and helps promote the professionalism and realism of the airline. On behalf of the MetroAir staff, thank you Matthew for being an outstanding pilot, and congratulations on your award!

Matthew Kramer