MetroAir Announces First Schedule Changes of 2015, Official LAX Switch Date


KANSAS CITY, MO – MetroAir Virtual Airlines is pleased to announce the first scheduled operations changes of 2015, as well as a change in the operations schedule of the airline.

In the new year, MetroAir will switch from rolling flight changes, to a system of scheduling periods. The current rolling flight change method means routes and frequency changes happen at the discretion of the operations staff. Beginning January 16th, 2015, a scheduling period method will take place. The calendar year will be split into six 2-month periods and all changes in scheduled operations will take effect at the start of a new scheduling period. Each of the six scheduling periods will begin on the 1st day of alternating months (i.e. Jan 1, Mar 1, May 1, Jul 1 Sep 1, Nov 1). The exception to this rule is the first scheduling period of 2015, which will begin on January 16th.

Pilots can expect a formal announcement of any operations changes to be released approximately one week before the start of a new scheduling period.

Executives also announced today LAX will take its place as an official MetroAir hub on January 16th, coinciding with the beginning of the first scheduling period. Furthermore, all MetroAir flights at Ontario will be temporarily discontinued on Jan. 16 while operations are transferred to LAX.

All changes for Scheduling Period 1 are below and are effective beginning January 16th, 2015.

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