MetroAir Acquires 4 Daily JFK Slot Pairs From United Airlines


NEW YORK, NY – MetroAir Virtual announced today it has acquired 4 daily slot pairs at JFK from United Airlines, which is discontinuing their regional service to Washington-Dulles. The terms of the deal were not disclosed by either party.

In a press conference Saturday, MetroAir officials spoke of the difficulty in obtaining landing rights at the New York City area airports and their plans for the slots pairs. MetroAir currently serves Los Angeles, CA and Chicago, IL from New York City’s JFK airport, with the majority of MetroAir’s New York City traffic routed to Newark. The airline does not currently serve LaGuardia Airport.

“We’re very happy to have the flexibility to expand a bit at JFK,” spoke COO William Hogarth, “The slot times made available to us are very beneficial to our East Coast network and will allow for greater connectivity between New York and Baltimore-Washington.”

It is rumored by industry experts that MetroAir will expand regional service to its Baltimore-Washington airport, a glaring missing link in their route network.